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CKDGen The CKDGen Consortium is an international collaborative effort dedicated to the investigation of the genetic underpinnings of kidney function in health and disease. Researchers from around the world who work on epidemiological studies with genome-wide genetic data and kidney function measurements participate in the Consortium. Study-specific results are exchanged and combined via meta-analysis by a central analysis team. Our combined efforts have led to the identification of >50 genomic loci for kidney function and disease, and serve as a basis for functional follow-up studies.

In the currently ongoing projects, we are aiming to combine data from >500,000 individuals with genetic and kidney function data from around the globe. We strive to extend our findings to individuals with specific forms of kidney disease, and to use bioinformatics approaches to integrate experimental data and identify affected pathways. To facilitate analyses, we are distributing a detailed analysis plan, a script for the standardized generation of kidney function measures, and information on how to conduct association analyses in this Wiki.

CKDGen Round 4 EPACTS analysis plan